Warminster & District Writers' Circle


      Warminster Writers' Circle is a friendly group of enthusiastic poets and writers who  meet    on a regular basis to read their work and exchange ideas and views. For the most recent information please see our NEWS page.


Meeting Times

Warminster Writers' Circle meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month in The Organ Inn, 49 High Street, Warminster BA12 9AQ. See our calendar for dates. 

Meetings start at 19:15 and last approximately 2 hours. See our calendar.

There is an annual fee of £10 (£5payable in September and £5 in January) along with a nominal fee of £1.50 per meeting to cover costs.

Submissions & Successes

Each of our meetings kicks off with members announcing their recent writing submissions and/or successes - so come along and celebrate with us! It is important to acknowledge the smaller steps which are taken towards achieving your larger goals. This process also provides insights into how to get your work (and name) recognized, and to gain experience in your particular area of writing. It also provides an incentive to enter competitions, submit articles to papers, and pursue the publishing of that latest novel - even if simply so as to be able to announce it at the meeting!

Celebrate with us and let us share your glory!

Once you have announced your success (published work, competition placing, finding an agent etc) at  the meeting please email Dave Painter painter.d1@sky.com ) the details ( or you can send a message using the Members page) and he will publish them on the News page.. 

Key Appointments

Chairpersons - David  Dell 01225 769203

                          - Sheelagh Wurr 01985 216056

 Treasurer - Dave Painter 01373 859908

Membership - Sheelagh Wurr 01985 216056